Using Fire Pits to Soften Public Relations Emergencies |

Working in public relations isn’t easy. The PR team is most often called out when something has gone wrong with public reputation and people are upset about something a business has done. That makes for a difficult job for anyone working in public relations. That’s why it’s a good idea to make announcements in an environment that calms down the shattered nerves of disgruntled parties. Turn a PR event into something a little less somber with the subtle use of a fire pit. Make sure to use this trick outdoors. Fire pits are lovely but no matter how lovely, it’s best to leave them outside.Here are a few tips for how to incorporate a fire pit into a public relations announcement:- Pick out two of the most soothing fire pits available. Make them above ground, beautiful, and symbolic of the occasion. What classifies as symbolic is up to the PR team.- Place these fire pits on both sides of the announcement maker.- Schedule the event for around dusk. Let it be dark enough to show the beauty of the pit, but light enough to show the face of the speaker. People trust a speaker more when they can see the face. However, due to the darkening sky, all eyes will be on nature at this press conference.Things will go much better due to the beautiful scenery and relaxing energy that will circulate throughout an other upset crowd. The PR team will have done its homework, and job, on this one.Fire pits are a great resource for a PR team even if there is no PR emergency. They can be used for friendly get-togethers to relieve tension from this stressful line of work. Employees will be very thankful to have good food and drink, and the shimmering light, of a pit to distract them from PR duties. When it’s time to return to work they can look forward to making a handful of their more stressful announcement surrounded by the light they’ve come to love so much during social gatherings.This is only one idea as to how to decorate PR events so that they are more relaxing to the speakers and to the people who must respond to whatever news is being given to them. These often stressful events are almost always best accompanied by some kind of beauty to offset any bad news.